Stay Safe, Go Cashless, Go Digital – iPay urges Ghanaian businesses


iPay recognises the fact that in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19, everyone including businesses and consumers has had to make big changes to the way they work, interact with their clients or go about their everyday activities. We at iPay remain committed to helping you navigate these difficult times with some ideas we want to share.

For Your Busines

Taking your business online or cashless

Most businesses have had to go digital, work remotely from home or scale down direct contact with customers, necessitating the need to take most business activities online or cashless.

iPay allows you to sell online and accept payments from your customers even if you don’t have a website.

  • You can simply create an iPay payment link and share it on your social media pages, via SMS or email in a few clicks.
    Your customers click to pay, you are notified, you deliver the service and then you move the funds to your bank account. It is that SIMPLE.

  • If you have a website or online store, iPay provides a simple checkout option to start receiving mobile money, QR and card payments on your website.

  • Alternatively, download and install any of the plug-ins for some of the popular e-commerce solutions which are already integrated with iPay such as WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify etc

For your shop, sales or delivery personnel, go cashless with iPay. No need to display multiple mobile money numbers, QR codes or POS terminals, just to receive payments from your customers. Sign up for ONE-POS and receive all payments from your customers, make payments to your suppliers, manage your products, inventory and customer loyalty. The amazing thing is, all you need is a mobile phone to access this service. No physical POS device required.



Our invoicing solution allows your business to request for payments from customers remotely. With the customer’s name, email address or mobile number you can generate and send an invoice of the bill to be paid to the customer via SMS or email. This is great for businesses who have shifted to taking orders online and fulfilling orders via deliveries.

Payouts – 

Our Payouts tool allows you to make instant payments to suppliers or vendors direct to their mobile money or bank accounts right from online. Pay your staff, or reward your customers with our bulk airtime and bills or pay all your business bills direct from your account. No need to step out to the bank to do this.


For Your Church and Groups

receive paFor Churches and Groups, whiles you find innovative ways to continue to engage your congregants or members we provide the simplest and cashless way to continue to receive offerings, tithes, donations or contributions to support your efforts. Just generate a payments link or receive payments via one shortcode (*920*50#) across all networks and avoid the hustle of displaying and managing multiple mobile money accounts.

Health Advice

Stay home if you are not an essential worker and observe the social distancing and hand washing rules. Let us fight the spread of COVID-19 together by limiting the use of cash as much as possible. Stay safe, go cashless.


For Your Personal Use

For our cherished consumers, we are advising you to stay home whiles still being able to stay in touch with friends and family. Top up your airtime on any network, pay for internet or pay bills for your DSTV, GOTV, Ghana Water, MTN or Vodafone Postpaid bills directly from your phone without stepping out.
We are offering a 2% discount on all airtime top-ups as our way of supporting you at these difficult times. Just dial *920*50# and select the Buy Airtime option for your instant discount.
Also, with our multiple cashless options including Mobile money, QR or Card payments you can still make payments for your purchases while staying safe without the use of cash both online and at the shop if need be.


About iPay

iPay Solutions Limited is a technology company in Ghana empowering businesses and individuals with a one-stop-shop solution to make and receive payments, manage products, inventory and customer loyalty all in ONE account.

Trusted by over 5,000+ businesses and partners in Ghana, iPay is designed to provide the solutions you need to remove the complexities of starting, running or growing your business aimed at simplifying your life and helping you reach your productive potential.

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