Roses are red, Violets are blue and more than 70% of valentine day buyers make their purchases online.

As a Valentine’s Day gift, we thought of spreading the love by showing you a few tips and guidelines on how to win over your customer’s heart. How do you as a business take advantage of the season of love to win over new buyers whilst retaining old customers?

You don’t have to be in the flowers or gifts industry to show your valentine day spirit. From Valentine’s Day promotion ideas to smooth payment processes, all the way to safe and timely delivery, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 tips to win over customers this valentine season with the help of Digistore.

1. Sell online

A lot of businesses are moving their businesses online due to how easy customers are able to buy online. The only problem now is this is the 21st century and customers are very sophisticated so businesses should just not have an online shop but go the extra mile in providing a better experience for their online buyers.

This is why Digistore was created.

Digistore enables you as a business no matter how small or big, create your own online store to sell your products, Integrate your Digistore inventory to your Facebook or Instagram Shop as well as WhatsApp Business and sell on your social media pages all from your ONE Account.
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2. Promotions

A research by the NRF tells us nearly 49% of consumers said they don’t mind spending more if they encountered  “a mouth-watering promotion.”

Your customers are looking for a deal and would go looking somewhere if you don’t satisfy their need.

It’s in your best interest to come up with a promotion for valentines day to drive sales which is why Digistore is giving a 10% discount on all products to digistore merchants who embark on a promo for the month of love.

Promotions such as discounts on products, free delivery, getting extra for buying a number of products or spending an amount of money goes a long to print your brand in the minds of customers

Example, If you’re in the fashion industry,  you might consider adding extra chocolate to every cloth purchased or a given amount spent buying from your online store. Spend time thinking about your customers as you craft this promotion offer so as to get the best results.

Whatever the case, we would still help you get customers by giving out that 10% discount.  Redeem this Offer now.

3. Payment Solution

Online Store- Check, Nice Product Pictures- Check, customers are unable to order because they don’t have cash(). What a disaster.

A secure payment solution is one of the core features of driving sales online. If you want your business to grow online, having a reliable and payment partner is a factor which shouldn’t be taken for granted. No need to worry because Digistore is backed by one of the top payment companies in Africa, iPay Solutions Limited and the top financial institution in Africa, Ecobank – the PanAfrican Bank.

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These partners ensure your customers are able to pay using Mobile Money across all Mobile Money Networks, using Visa, Mastercard or GHQR right on your online store without any hassle. Both your business and Customers enjoy email and SMS notifications on payments and orders being placed. This helps builds trust between your business and customers, and you know the impact of trust on businesses.

4. Deliveries

This valentine season sale is all about safety and timing.

Customers are concerned about how fast their items get to them and how safe the item is.

Shipping problems and delays have been known to be one of the reasons why customers stay away from purchasing from your online shop. To solve this problem, Digistore makes it easier for business to configure their own delivery charges and riders or make use of the Digistore Delivery App.

The Digistore Delivery app makes it easier for our large pull of riders to accept and deliver any purchases your customers make which requires delivery. Riders are able to easily locate businesses and customers with location tracking, your customers are also able to track their orders via Mobile and SMS notifications.

Setup your delivery service and get your product delivered to your customer’s doorstep in express time.

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